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Properties of ASTM A 350 LF2

Low Temp Forged Carbon Steel
ASTM A350-LF2 Temperature range (-50 to 800 deg. F) Where corrosion resistance is not important. This material is heat treated "Forgings of [LF2] shall be furnished in the normalized, or in the normalized and tempered, or in the quenched and tempered condition.

Chemical composition (%)
C 0.3 max
Mn 0.6-1.35
P 0.35max
S 0.040max
Si 0.15-0.30
Cr 0.30max
Mo 0.12max
Cu 0.40max
Nb 0.02max
V 0.08max
The sum of copper (Cu), chromium (Cr) and molybdenum (Mo) shall not exceed 1,00%
The sum of chromium (Cr) and molybdenum (Mo) shall not exceed 0,32%
Carbon Equivalent CE = C + Mn/6 + (Cr + Mo + V)/5 + (Ni + Cu)/ 15    max 0,47

Mechanical Properties 
Tensile Strength : 485-655MPa
Yield Strength: 250MPa
Elongation (A %): 22

Hardness: 197HB

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