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WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN Q195, Q215, Q235, Q255 and Q275 ?

Carbon structural steel is the most widely used in steel, the largest number, often rolled into steel, shapes and profile.
Carbon structural steel is the most widely used in steel, the largest number, often rolled into steel, shapes and profiles, the general does not require the direct use of heat treated, mainly for general structural and engineering.

Q195, Q215, Q235, Q255 and Q275, respectively such that the steel grades, steel grades by the yield point of the letter on behalf of (Q), yield point value, quality, quality, and other symbols (A, B, C, D) oxygen method symbol composed of the four parts in order. Points from the chemical composition, low carbon steel grades Q195, Q215, Q235, Q255 and Q275 grade large carbon content, the higher the manganese content, the more stable its plasticity. Mechanical properties of the points from the above that the thickness of ≤ 16mm grade yield point of steel. Its tensile strength, respectively :315-430 ,335-450 ,375-500 ,410-550 ,490-630 (obN/mm2); qi its elongation rates were: 33,31,26,24,20 ( 0.5%). Therefore, introduction of steel to our customers, we must remind customers to purchase different materials required for product material of steel, so as not to affect product quality.
The material Q235A and Q235B What's the difference?
Q235A and Q235B steel all are carbon steel. In the national standard GB700-88 in the material of the Q235A and Q235B distinction mainly carbon steel, the material for the carbon content of the material Q235A at between 0.14-0.22%; Q235B the impact of the material do not do experiments, but Regular temperature impact test, V-notch. Relatively speaking, made of Q235B steel is much better than the mechanical properties of materials for the Q235A steel. In general, steel profiles in the finished product prior to shipment are made in the identification card on the logo. Users can determine their identity cards on the material is Q235A, or Q235B, or other materials.

Japan steel grades have SPHC, SPHD, so they were mean?

Japanese steel (JIS series) grades in the general structural steel consists of three parts: the first part of that material, such as: S (Steel), said steel, F (Ferrum), said iron. The second part of said different shapes, types, uses, such as P (plate), said plate, T (tube), K (kogu) that tool. The third part of the number of surface features, usually the lowest tensile strength. Such as: ss400-s that the first steel (Ssteel), the second s that "structure" (Structuree), 400 for the downline resistance strength 400Mpa ordinary structural steel. Of which: sphc ---- the first S stands for Steel Steel, P stands for the board Pate, H stands for the hot Heat, Commercial stands, overall, said hot-rolled and strip for general use.

SPHD ----- said hot rolled steel sheet and strip for stamping.

SPHE ------ said hot-rolled deep drawing steel sheet and strip.

SPCC ------ expressed general use cold-rolled carbon steel sheet and strip, equivalent to China's Q195-215A grades. The third letter C stands for the Cold, the need to ensure tensile experiments increase in grades at the end of T is SPCCT.

SPCD ------ said red cold-rolled carbon steel and steel used, the equivalent of China 08AL (13237) quality carbon structural steel.

SPCE ------ expressed deep drawing cold rolled carbon steel sheet and strip, equivalent to China 08AL (5213) red steel. Need to ensure that non-effectiveness, the increase in Grade End N is SPCEN.

Cold-rolled carbon steel sheet and strip the code, annealed state A, the standard conditioning for the S, 1 / 8 hard for the 8,1 / 4 hard to 4,1 / 2 Hard 2.

Surface processing code: matt finishing for the D, gloss finishing as B. If SPCCT-SD that standard conditioning, matt finishing the general use of cold-rolled carbon sheet. Another example SPCCT-SB said that the standard conditioning, light processing, sought assurances that the mechanical properties of cold-rolled carbon sheet.

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